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Calva Power Gel



⦁ As an aid to prevent milk fever and associated complication.

⦁ As an aid to increase the milk yield.

⦁ As an aid to favour the normal contraction of uterus, normal claving and timely expulsion of placenta.

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Calva Power Gel: A Revolutionary Gel Calcium Supplement for Animals

Prevent Milk Fever, Boost Milk Yield, and Promote Healthy Calving with Calva Power Gel

Experience the transformative power of Calva Power Gel, a cutting-edge gel calcium supplement designed to support animals during the crucial calving period. Specially manufactured by Niceway India, this innovative formula is packed with essential nutrients to aid in the prevention of milk fever and associated complications.


  • Prevent Milk Fever: Calva Power Gel serves as a valuable aid in preventing milk fever, a condition commonly experienced by lactating animals. By providing a rich source of calcium, it ensures the optimal functioning of the body, minimizing the risk of this debilitating condition.
  • Boost Milk Yield: Enhance milk production with Calva Power Gel. Its unique formulation supports the animal’s calcium balance, promoting healthy milk yield. By ensuring adequate calcium levels, this supplement aids in maximizing milk production, benefiting both farmers and their animals.
  • Facilitate Normal Uterine Contraction: Calva Power Gel aids in promoting the normal contraction of the uterus, facilitating a smooth calving process. With its balanced calcium content, it supports proper muscle function and helps animals expel the placenta in a timely manner.
Packaging Size

300 GM

Dosage / How to Use

Administering Calva Power Gel is simple and effective. At the first sign of calving, provide one tube of the gel to the animal. Then, administer another tube 6 to 12 hours post-calving. Repeat this process every 12 hours as necessary, ensuring the animal receives the appropriate calcium support during this critical period.

Product FAQ's

  • Q: What is Calva Power Gel? 
    • A: Calva Power Gel is a gel calcium supplement specially formulated for animals, designed to support their health during the calving period.
  • Q: How does Calva Power Gel prevent milk fever? 
    • A: Calva Power Gel provides a rich source of calcium, which helps maintain proper calcium balance in the body, reducing the risk of milk fever in lactating animals.
  • Q: Can Calva Power Gel increase milk yield? 
    • A: Yes, Calva Power Gel is formulated to support healthy milk yield. By providing the necessary calcium levels, it aids in maximizing milk production in animals.
  • Q: How does Calva Power Gel facilitate normal calving? 
    • A: Calva Power Gel promotes the normal contraction of the uterus, aiding in the smooth calving process. It also supports timely placenta expulsion.
  • Q: How should I administer Calva Power Gel? 
    • A: Administer one tube of Calva Power Gel at the first sign of calving. Give another tube 6 to 12 hours post-calving, and repeat every 12 hours as needed.


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