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M-Flow Bolus



⦁ To improve the milk production for letting down of milk.

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Milk Boosting Bolus for Animals


M-Flow Bolus, manufactured by Niceway India, is a cutting-edge milk boosting bolus designed specifically for animals. This innovative product is formulated to enhance milk production by facilitating the letdown of milk.


Increased Milk Production: M-Flow Bolus is carefully crafted to stimulate and improve milk production in animals. It supports the natural letdown reflex, enabling animals to produce higher quantities of milk. 

Enhanced Nutritional Value: By promoting optimal milk production, M-Flow Bolus ensures a greater supply of nutrient-rich milk, benefiting both the animals and their offspring. 

Easy to Administer: The bolus is designed for convenient usage, making it simple to administer to animals. Its user-friendly nature allows for efficient and hassle-free application. Suitable for Various Animals: M-Flow Bolus is suitable for a wide range of animals, including cattle and poultry. It offers flexibility and can be easily incorporated into existing feeding routines.

Packaging Size

10 Bolus

Dosage / How to Use

Cattle: Administer 50 to 100ml of M-Flow Bolus daily.

Poultry: For every 100 birds, provide 20 grams of M-Flow Bolus daily.

Product FAQ's

1. What is M-Flow Bolus? 

M-Flow Bolus is a milk boosting bolus manufactured by Niceway India. It is specifically designed to enhance milk production in animals by facilitating the letdown of milk. 

2. How does M-Flow Bolus work? 

M-Flow Bolus works by stimulating and supporting the natural letdown reflex in animals. It contains ingredients that promote increased milk production, resulting in higher yields.

3. Which animals is M-Flow Bolus suitable for? M-Flow Bolus is suitable for a variety of animals, including cattle and poultry. It can be used to enhance milk production in dairy cows and optimize productivity in poultry birds.

4. How often should M-Flow Bolus be administered? 

For cattle, the recommended dosage is 50 to 100ml of M-Flow Bolus daily. For poultry, administer 20 grams of the bolus per 100 birds daily.

5. How soon can I expect to see results with M-Flow Bolus? 

Results may vary depending on individual animals and their specific conditions. However, with regular and proper usage, improvements in milk production can typically be observed within a reasonable timeframe.

6. Is M-Flow Bolus easy to administer? 

Yes, M-Flow Bolus is designed for easy administration. It can be administered orally to animals, making it a convenient option for farmers and livestock owners.


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