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Metho Chelated Nexomin Gold

Mineral Mixture with Vitamins


⦁ Improves Fat % of milk.
⦁ Improve immune status.
⦁ Improves digestive strength.
⦁ Healthy animal and healthy calf.
⦁ Higher reproductive efficiency.
⦁ Higher growth and fulfils nuitritional deficiency.

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⦁ Cow/Buffalow: 25-30gm. Per day.
To be mixed with feed for better health maintainance and to avoid the infertility problems.
⦁ Calves and heifers: 10 to 15 gm for calf/ goat per day, to be mixed with feed for better growth nd weight gain or 1kg per 100 kg feed.


Available Packings

1 Kilograms


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