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Calva power

Calva power

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Calcium Powder for Cattle

Calva Power, manufactured by Niceway India, is a high-quality calcium powder for cattle. It is designed to provide essential calcium supplementation, promoting optimal health and productivity in cattle. 


    • Improved Milk Production: Calva Power helps in enhancing milk production in cattle. Providing the necessary calcium supplementation, supports the overall lactation process, resulting in increased milk yields.

    • Enhanced Fat Percentage: This calcium powder for cattle is formulated to improve the fat percentage in milk. Ensuring proper calcium levels, helps maintain the quality and richness of milk produced by cattle.

    • Udder Protection: Calva Power aids in protecting the udder from diseases. Adequate calcium levels contribute to udder health, reducing the risk of infections and promoting a healthy milking process.

    • Stronger Bones in Growing Animals: Calcium is crucial for bone development, especially in growing animals. Calva Power strengthens bones and skeletal structure, ensuring proper growth and minimizing the risk of bone-related disorders.

    • Improved Immunity: The calcium powder also plays a role in enhancing the immune system of cattle. It helps strengthen the body's natural defense mechanisms, reducing susceptibility to various diseases and improving overall health.
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