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LSD Heal

LSD Heal

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\nLSD Heal is a veterinary supplement manufactured by Niceway India, specifically designed for the prophylactic immunization of cattle against Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD). With its unique formulation, It offers a perfect solution for building immunity and protecting cattle from the symptoms associated with this infectious disease. \n


\nIt provides several benefits and features that make it an ideal choice for safeguarding cattle health:  \n \nFever: It helps in reducing fever, a common symptom associated with Lumpy Skin Disease. \n \n Lower Milk Production: By preventing Lumpy Skin Disease, It aids in maintaining normal milk production levels in cattle.  \n \nEnlarged Superficial Lymph Nodes: This supplement supports the reduction of enlarged superficial lymph nodes, minimizing discomfort for the animals.  \n \nRhinitis: This Medicine assists in relieving rhinitis, a condition characterized by inflammation of the nasal mucous membranes.  \n \nConjunctivitis and Excessive Salivation: By boosting immunity, This Product helps in preventing conjunctivitis and excessive salivation, which are commonly observed symptoms in LSD-infected cattle.  \n \nCutaneous Nodules: Within 48 hours of the fever onset, the appearance of cutaneous nodules all over the body is significantly reduced with the use of LSD Heal.  \n \nPrevention of Abortion and Reproductive Issues: Pregnant cows administered with LSD Heal have a reduced risk of abortion and a higher likelihood of maintaining their reproductive cycle without interruption for several months.
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