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Nexamate - Supplement for Ketosis & Low Milk Production in Cattle, Sheep & Goat

Nexamate - Supplement for Ketosis & Low Milk Production in Cattle, Sheep & Goat

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\nNexamate, manufactured by Niceway India, is a highly effective supplement for ketosis designed to address various postpartum issues in animals. It is specifically formulated to tackle low milk production, poor appetite, fatty liver syndrome, and downer cow syndrome, ensuring the well-being and productivity of animals. \n

Benefits and Features

    • Postpartum Low Milk Production: Nexamate helps stimulate and improve milk production in animals experiencing postpartum low milk production. It provides essential nutrients and support to enhance lactation, resulting in increased milk yield.

    • Ketosis Management: Nexamate effectively manages ketosis in animals. It helps restore the energy balance by providing the necessary nutrients, promoting proper metabolism, and preventing ketone accumulation.

    • Improved Appetite: This supplement stimulates the appetite of animals, ensuring they receive adequate nutrition for optimal health and productivity. It helps overcome poor appetite issues, encouraging animals to consume sufficient food.

    • Fatty Liver Syndrome Prevention: Nexamate supports liver health and aids in the prevention of fatty liver syndrome, a common condition in animals during the postpartum period. By maintaining liver function, it reduces the risk of metabolic disorders.

  • Downer Cow Syndrome Management: Nexamate assists in the management of downer cow syndrome, a condition where cows are unable to stand up due to various underlying factors. It provides essential nutrients that help restore strength and improve mobility.
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