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Nexozyme - Digestive Powder for Animals

Nexozyme - Digestive Powder for Animals

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Nexozyme is a highly effective digestive powder for animals manufactured by Niceway India. It is specifically formulated to boost digestion and ensure the complete absorption of feed in animals. With its carefully selected composition, Nexozyme promotes optimal digestion, reduces health risks, and enhances milk production in animals. 


    • Improved digestion: Nexozyme is designed to enhance the digestive process in animals. It aids in the breakdown of feed components, ensuring better nutrient availability for absorption. 

    • Complete feed absorption: By improving digestion, Nexozyme supports the complete absorption of feed, maximizing the nutritional benefits for animals. 

    • Reduced health risks: The effective digestion facilitated by Nexozyme helps in reducing the risk of digestive disorders and associated health problems in animals. 

    • Prevention of rumen acidosis: Nexozyme plays a vital role in reducing the risk of rumen acidosis, a common condition in ruminants. It helps maintain the pH balance in the rumen and supports optimal rumen function. 

    • Increased milk SNF and milk fat: By promoting efficient digestion and nutrient absorption, Nexozyme contributes to increased milk solids-not-fat (SNF) and milk fat content in dairy animals, resulting in higher-quality milk production. 

    • Management of heat stress: This digestive powder for animals aids in managing heat stress in animals by supporting proper digestion and nutrient utilization, helping them cope with high temperatures more effectively. 

  • Higher milk production: With its ability to optimize digestion and nutrient absorption, Nexozyme supports overall milk production, resulting in higher milk yields in dairy animals.
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