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Nicecal Strong - Liquid Metho Chelated Calcium for Cattle

Nicecal Strong - Liquid Metho Chelated Calcium for Cattle

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Metho Chelated Nicecal Strong is a high-quality liquid calcium supplement for cattle, Buffalos, sheep, goats, and horses manufactured by Niceway India. It is specially formulated to meet the calcium needs of cattle, providing essential nutrients for their overall health and productivity. 


    • Improves milk production: It helps to enhance the milk production capacity of cattle, resulting in increased yields and better profitability for dairy farmers. 
    • Improves fat percentage: This liquid calcium for cows helps to improve the fat content in milk, ensuring higher quality and better market value. 
    • Protects udder from diseases: By strengthening the udder's health, it protects cattle from udder-related diseases, ensuring the well-being of the animals and the quality of milk. 
    • Makes bones stronger in growing animals: The calcium and phosphorus in this supplement promote proper bone development in growing animals, reducing the risk of skeletal disorders. 
    • Improves immunity: The inclusion of essential vitamins and minerals in Metho Chelated Nicecal Strong enhances the immune system of cattle, making them more resistant to diseases and infections. 
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