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RMX-99 - Antibloat Powder for Cattle

RMX-99 - Antibloat Powder for Cattle

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Effective Supplement for Treating Bloats in Cattle, Buffalo, Sheep, horse, and Goats

Introducing RMX 99, an advanced anti-bloat supplement manufactured by Niceway India. This powerful formulation is designed to effectively treat digestive disorders, intoxication, and hypo-glycerin conditions in animals. \n


    • Cures Bloat: Rmx 99 is specifically formulated to address bloat, a common digestive disorder caused by decreased reticulum and rumen activity, or sudden dietary changes in animals such as cattle, calves, sheep, or goats.

    • Supportive Therapy: This supplement provides supportive therapy for diseases caused by foreign bodies in the gastrointestinal tract.

    • Versatile Usage: Suitable for adult cattle, young animals, sheep, and goats, Rmx 99 offers a comprehensive solution for various animal species.

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