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Titso-Vet - Anti Mastitis Powder

Titso-Vet - Anti Mastitis Powder

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Titsovet is an effective anti-mastitis mixture manufactured by Niceway India. It is specifically designed to address both acute and chronic mastitis in animals. This carefully formulated mixture provides targeted support to combat mastitis, helping to alleviate the condition and promote the well-being of animals. 


    • Mastitis management: Titsovet is formulated to effectively manage both acute and chronic mastitis in animals. It helps in reducing inflammation, relieving pain, and preventing the progression of the infection. 

    • Comprehensive composition: This Anti Mastitis Powder contains a combination of key ingredients, including trisodium citrate, vitamin A, lactic acid bacillus, vitamin K, vitamin H, potassium iodide, and yeast culture. Each ingredient works synergistically to provide optimal support for mastitis management.

    • Infection control: This Anti Mastitis Powder aids in controlling the infection by targeting the causative organisms responsible for mastitis. It helps in inhibiting their growth and promoting the elimination of bacteria, ensuring a healthier udder.

  • Nutritional support: With the inclusion of essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin H, and potassium iodide, Titsovet provides additional nutritional support for animals. These nutrients play a vital role in maintaining overall health and supporting the immune system.

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