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U-Cleaner Uterine Tonic for Animals

U-Cleaner Uterine Tonic for Animals

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U Cleaner, manufactured by Niceway India, is a reliable uterine tonic designed specifically for cattle, buffalos, goat sheep, horses, pigs, etc. With its unique formulation, it aids in the removal of the placenta after parturition, prevents metritis, and helps regulate the estrous cycle in animals. \n

Benefits and Features:

    • Placenta Removal: U Cleaner helps in the effective removal of the placenta after parturition in animals. It supports the natural cleansing process, ensuring the proper expulsion of the placental tissues and minimizing the risk of postpartum complications.

    • Metritis Prevention: By utilizing U Cleaner as a uterine tonic, animals are less likely to develop metritis, which is an inflammation of the uterus. The tonic's ingredients help maintain the overall health of the uterus, reducing the chances of infection and promoting a healthy reproductive system.

  • Estrous Cycle Regulation: U Cleaner plays a crucial role in regulating the estrous cycle in animals. It helps ensure the timely and proper onset of heat cycles, facilitating successful breeding and reproductive activities.
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