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Metho Chelated Agromix Mineral Mixture

Metho Chelated Agromix Mineral Mixture

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Mineral Mixture for Animals



\nAgromix Forte is a high-quality mineral mixture for animals manufactured by Niceway India. It is specially formulated to enhance the overall health and well-being of livestock, including cows, buffaloes, goats, and cattle.  \n

Benefits and Features

  1. Improves Fat % of Milk: Agromix Forte helps in increasing the fat percentage of milk, resulting in higher milk quality and better returns for dairy farmers
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  3. Improves Immune Status: The mineral mixture boosts the immune system of animals, making them more resistant to diseases and infections.
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  5. Improves Digestive Strength: Agromix Forte enhances the digestive strength of animals, ensuring optimal nutrient absorption and improved feed utilization. 
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  7. Healthy Animal and Healthy Calf: By providing essential minerals and nutrients, Agromix Forte promotes the overall health of animals, including calves, resulting in healthier and stronger offspring.
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  9. Higher Reproductive Efficiency: This mineral mixture supports better reproductive efficiency in animals, improving conception rates and reducing infertility problems. 
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  11. Higher Growth and Nutritional Deficiency Fulfillment: Agromix Forte facilitates higher growth rates in animals and helps in fulfilling any nutritional deficiencies, ensuring their overall well-being.
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